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Blogue Axel Evigiran
La dispersion est, dit-on, l'ennemi des choses bien faites. Et quoi ? Dans ce monde de la spécialisation extrême, de l'utilitaire et du mesurable à outrance y aurait-il quelque mal à se perdre dans les labyrinthes de l'esprit dilettante ?

A la vérité, rien n’est plus savoureux que de muser parmi les sables du farniente, sans autre esprit que la propension au butinage, la légèreté sans objet prédéterminé.

Broutilles essentielles. Ratages propices aux heures languides...

17 mai 2013

Caspar David Friedrich

« We visited Friedrich's atelier today. Listening to him and seeing his paintings was wonderful. He has some bonhomie which pleases people and his paintings reveal his romantic imagination. As a rule, he expresses in them one thought or feeling, though vaguely. You may meditate over his paintings but not have a clear understanding of them, for they are vague even in his soul. They are dreams or daydreams. He often employs very simple natural things, such as an ice block floating on sea waves, a few trees in a dale, window of his room (facing the beautiful Elbe), knight meditating over ruins or tombstones, monk staring into the distance or below his feet: all this captivates your soul, plunges you into dreams, all invokes your imagination, powerfully though vaguely »


Caspar David Friedrich - Inside the forest under moolight

« I have to stay alone in order to fully contemplate and feel nature »

Caspar David Friedrich


Caspar David Friedrich
[1774 - 1840]


Caspar David Friedrich - Abbey among the oak trees
Caspar David Friedrich - Brume matinale dans les montagnes - 1808
Caspar David Friedrich - Cemetery entrance
Caspar David Friedrich - Croix surplombant la mer baltique - 1815
Caspar David Friedrich - Cygnes dans les roseaux - 1820
Caspar David Friedrich - Deux hommes contemplant la lune 
Caspar David Friedrich - Façade ouest de la ruine d'Edelna - 1806
Caspar David Friedrich - Falaise de craie sur l'île de Rügen - 1818
Caspar David Friedrich - Forêt en fin d'automne - 1835
Caspar David Friedrich - Grave by the sea - 1807
Caspar David Friedrich - Griefswald au clair de lune - 1817
Caspar David Friedrich - Homme et femme contemplant la lune 
Caspar David Friedrich - L'arbre au corbeau - 1822
Caspar David Friedrich - Le chasseur dans la forêt
Caspar David Friedrich - Le moine au bord de la mer - 1809
Caspar David Friedrich - Le soir - 1821
Caspar David Friedrich - Le voyageur au-dessus de la mer de nuages - 1818
Caspar David Friedrich - Moine dans la neige - 1808
Caspar David Friedrich - Moonrise over the sea - 1822
Caspar David Friedrich - Nebel - 1807
Caspar David Friedrich - On the sailing vessel - 1818
Caspar David Friedrich - Paysage d'hiver - 1811
Caspar David Friedrich - Rocky ravine - 1823
Friedrich Caspar David  - Ruines du monastère d'Eldena dans le massif des Géants - 1832
Friedrich Caspar David  - Ruines du monastère Oybin (Le rêveur) - 1835
Friedrich Caspar David  - Sea Shore in Moonlight - 1835-36
Friedrich Caspar David  - Seashore by Moonlight -1830
Caspar David Friedrich - Sunset
Friedrich Caspar David  - Temple de Junon à Agrigente - 1828-30
Friedrich Caspar David  - The Abbey in the Oakwood - 1809-10
Friedrich Caspar David  - The big enclosure - 1832
Friedrich Caspar David  - The Cemetery Gate
Friedrich Caspar David  - The Rock Gates in Neurathen - 1827
Friedrich Caspar David  - The Sea of Ice - 1824
Friedrich Caspar David  - The Times of Day - The midday
Friedrich Caspar David  - The Times of Day - The morning - 1821
Friedrich Caspar David  - Tombe de Kügelgen - 1822
Friedrich Caspar David  - Tombeau hun à l'automne - 1820
Friedrich Caspar David  - Tombeau hun sous la neige - 1807
Friedrich Caspar David  - Village Landscape in Morning Light (The Lone Tree) - 1822
Friedrich Caspar David  - Winter Landscape with church

« Close your bodily eye, that you may see your picture first with the eye of the spirit. Then bring to light what you have seen in the darkness, that its effect may work back, from without to within. »

Caspar David Friedrich

Friedrich Caspar David  - Self portrait - 1800

« If the artist sees nothing within him, then he should also refrain from painting what he sees before him ».

Caspar David Friedrich


ARTIFEX IN OPERE : Caspar David Friedrich


Friedrich Caspar David  - Woman before the Rising Sun - 1818-20

« I am not so weak as to submit to the demands of the age when they go against my convictions. I spin a cocoon around myself; let others do the same. I shall leave it to time to show what will come of it: a brilliant butterfly or maggot. »

Caspar David Friedrich

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  3. Etrange... comme je me retrouve dans la peinture de ce peintre.